Automatic sheet measuring system

Longitudinal and transversal dilatation of paper as a consequence of the impregnation process is a well-known fact for those who operate in our sector. Therefore, the need to measure sheets to verify the compliance with dimensional tolerances is required by the specific production.

We receive more and more inquiries from customers to implement an automatic system, allowing to overcome manual measurement and its limitations.

Our readers will be pleased to know that our Automatic Measuring Camera System, developed and installed in production on several customers’ plants, fully satisfy this request.

Our solution allows longitudinal, transversal and diagonal meter detection for each sheet, comparing data to preset measures and tolerances stored in the system for the specific production, to enable the necessary adjustment for the final cut.

Moreover, it is possible to acquire data off-line and exchange information and alarms with the automation system of the line.

The complete system is composed of high-resolution cameras, laser encoder, photocells, hardware and software, and the experience of our engineers enables its installation on any type of impregnation line.

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