Flow Test Press & Shearing Machines 112,8

A new size of Flow Test Press and Shearing Machine are now available!

The new Flow Test Press model offers a plate diameter of 112,8 mm and carries out the test of resin flow in melamine or phenol-impregnated paper. The machine simulates the lamination process by pressing impregnated paper discs between the two heated plates.

Normal working temperature is 150°C, while temperature of press plates, cycle time and pressure are easily adjustable on the operator panel of the machine.

Press plates are heated by electrical resistance and are activated pneumatically.

The complementary Shearing Machine now available cuts discs a diameter of 112,8 mm and is also utilized to check paper weight.

The machine is supplied as a stand-alone unit and operates with compressed air only.

A drawer below the Shearing Machine collects cut discs.

Interested customers can obtain additional information and quotes writing to sales@tocchio.it



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