Tocchio International S.r.l. has the great pleasure to announce that as from 26th July a new partner shares the ownership of the company.
We are really excited about this new experience with an associate, worldwide present with unbeatable experience in our primary sector, making us face the future expectation with even more confidence.
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Automatic sheet measuring system

Longitudinal and transversal dilatation of paper as a consequence of the impregnation process is a well-known fact for those who operate in our sector. Therefore, the need to measure sheets to verify the compliance with dimensional tolerances is required by the specific production.

We receive more and more inquiries from customers to implement an automatic system, allowing to overcome manual measurement and its limitations.

Our readers will be pleased to know that our Automatic Measuring Camera System, developed and installed in production on several customers’ plants, fully satisfy this request.

Our solution allows longitudinal, transversal and diagonal meter detection for each sheet, comparing data to preset measures and tolerances stored in the system for the specific production, to enable the necessary adjustment for the final cut.

Moreover, it is possible to acquire data off-line and exchange information and alarms with the automation system of the line.

The complete system is composed of high-resolution cameras, laser encoder, photocells, hardware and software, and the experience of our engineers enables its installation on any type of impregnation line.

To learn more, get in touch with our experts!


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Flow Test Press & Shearing Machines 112,8

A new size of Flow Test Press and Shearing Machine are now available!

The new Flow Test Press model offers a plate diameter of 112,8 mm and carries out the test of resin flow in melamine or phenol-impregnated paper. The machine simulates the lamination process by pressing impregnated paper discs between the two heated plates.

Normal working temperature is 150°C, while temperature of press plates, cycle time and pressure are easily adjustable on the operator panel of the machine.

Press plates are heated by electrical resistance and are activated pneumatically.

The complementary Shearing Machine now available cuts discs a diameter of 112,8 mm and is also utilized to check paper weight.

The machine is supplied as a stand-alone unit and operates with compressed air only.

A drawer below the Shearing Machine collects cut discs.

Interested customers can obtain additional information and quotes writing to


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Energy Saving and Environment Protection

The new EPES (Environment Protection Energy Saving) System can be installed on any impregnation line and enables the user to reduce the quantity of energy needed to provide optimal paper drying parameters and conditions.

Cost saving is, therefore a consequence of energy usage reduction, while an indirect but not less important benefit is the lower environmental impact the system allows.

The system is based on an “automatic setting” principle, that enables the user to initially set specific parameters for different type of productions thus, instructing the plant controlling station to automatically adjust the air extraction process according to the specific product parameters.

While the energy cost saving does not correspond to a fix value and varies according to types of production and local environmental conditions, feedback from customers confirms that an annual energy saving up to 30% is achievable.

This innovative solution by Tocchio consists of hardware and software, while the most important part is the experience, knowledge and technical consultancy Tocchio’s engineers bring and share with customers to reach the most efficient solution to the specific need.

To know more, get in touch with the experts!


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